Success Stories

Rosella's Story

Rosella's Story

After experiencing homelessness for most of her senior years, our outreach team found her living in a van in unsafe conditions. Today, because of the work of Ascencia, Rosella is home safe.

Anthony's Story

Anthony's Story

“Ascencia changed my life. Ascencia saved my life. Thank you for everything.” 

Anthony was homeless for four years. Today, with the help of case management, Anthony is off the streets and permanently housed. 

Ana's Story

Ana's Story

The layers of trauma Ana experienced during her young life led her down a dark path, and as she became an adult, Ana found herself homeless most of the time. Today, through the services of Ascencia, Ana is no longer homeless. 

Mary's Story

Mary's Story

Mary spent over 20 years of her life being homeless. One day, our Street Outreach personnel were out approaching people experiencing homelessness, and our Case Manager Tara met Mary. Tara worked hard to find temporary shelter for Mary, and convinced her to stay off the streets until she could be housed. It took intensive case management to gain her trust. Today, after the life-saving services from Ascencia, Mary is home.

Gevorg's Story

Gevorg's Story

At age 72, when most senior citizens have reached retirement age, Gevorg was still working. One day, he unexpectedly sustained a severe injury that left him unable to work, and he became homeless.

From the moment Gevorg started to work with his Glendale Street Outreach Case Manager Caitlin, things took a turn for the better. “Caitlin absolutely changed my life, and because of Ascencia’s services, I have a place to call home. I am happy, thriving, and finally smiling again!”

David Boettcher

David Boettcher experienced homelessness for over a year after losing his eyesight, his job, and his home. He is a very talented artist, but could no longer work due to his health issues and surgeries he had to undergo. He stayed with friends for a while, but eventually was forced to leave, and had nowhere to go. David found Ascencia’s services through the Glendale Library. He called us and immediately started receiving case management and resources to help him get back on his feet. He now has his own apartment in Glendale, and a job at Amazon, and he is happy, healthy, and painting again. David loves Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hawai’i, and his two cats, Halen and Panda! David generously donated his artwork to our 15th Annual Gala, where we held a silent auction for 12 of his pieces. He wanted to give back to Ascencia, and kindly split his earnings with our organization. “Everyone who gives what they can is changing the lives of people who lost everything” he shared.

Ruben Hernandez

After losing his apartment and job in 2019, Ruben found himself homeless and living on the streets of West Hollywood, sleeping in his car. Our Case Manager Joseph came across Ruben and shared with him all that Ascencia offers to people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Ruben was given a bed, shower, 3 meals a day, occupational therapy, and psychiatry appointments. Ruben’s determination coupled with Ascencia’s tenacity secured Ruben his own apartment. He is now off the streets and living in safe, secure housing.

U.S. Veteran Pete

U.S. Veteran Pete was first approached by Ascencia’s outreach services at a Glendale park in urgent need of medical attention. After a half a dozen successful blood transfusions, Pete was immediately brought into our emergency shelter having access to Ascencia’s services and programs. Today, Pete lives on his own with continued case management in a studio apartment in Glendale enjoying his newfound home and freedom in housing.

Sharon & Jordan

After losing her part time job due to a knee injury, Sharon found herself homeless with a five-year-old son. With no family to rely on, Sharon spent whatever she had on hotel rooms. When she had nothing else left, she contacted LA Family Housing for help and connected with Ascencia. Sharon’s determination coupled with Ascencia’s tenacity secured Sharon and her son a lovely apartment in South Los Angeles.

Barron Hopkins

Ascencia Client Barron Hopkins was a family man and worked in a profession he truly enjoyed. After years of marriage he separated from his wife, who moved away with their children. He then moved to California to care for an ailing uncle. When his uncle passed away, Barron was evicted from the home. He was homeless and on his own… until he connected with Ascencia.

Adrienne Boswell

Living paycheck to paycheck, Adrienne Boswell lost her job and found herself and her child homeless. Taking shelter with friends and family, it could not be a permanent solution. Luckily, with the help of Ascencia, she got a second chance for her and her son.

Ascencia really was like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Isaiah, Ascencia Client

Meet John Sims

John Sims struggled for many years living on the streets of Burbank. He became estranged from his family and had no one else to support him. He decided that it was time to make a change and Ascencia was ready to help him. He now gets to spend the holidays in his new home. Will you help him celebrate? The burden of the holiday can be a set back for many of our families. This holiday, your support can go a long way in helping our families feel at home.

Meet Mike, Gary, Lisa and Tonisha

Meet The Vazquez Family

Rene and his family of five (including their 17 yr old son, 2 yr old daughter, and a newborn) came to Ascencia in the winter of 2010 when it became too cold for the family to continue living out of their car. After a short stay in Ascencia’s emergency Shelter, Rene and family entered Ascencia’s Transitional Housing Program and an apartment of their own.

I ended giving birth to my son while living at Ascencia and they took on the second parent role as far as making sure we were comfortable and we had everything we needed.

Tonisha Davis, Ascencia Client

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