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We’re Ascencia. An agency for those experiencing homelessness. We started in 2006 in Glendale providing housing and care to individuals and families. 

We believe in Tenacity, Respect, Inclusion and Harmony and that’s reflected in our programs. 

Our client’s’ active involvement drives their success.  

We are on the streets every day talking with those experiencing homelessness. From the underpass, side of the road, LA River. Our clients are in the margins of society and it’s up to us to invite them back.  

Our approach – listen first. The people we serve are working hard to pick up the pieces and move forward but there is a great need to be understood. 

Next, we connect our clients to services. Connecting our clients to adequate assistance that is tailor-made for their specific needs.

Lastly, we ask for our clients to bring about a restored community. As they move down this road, they start to encourage others that are also on this journey.  They’re closing the loop on homelessness and play an active part in helping their neighbors. 

Last year, we helped 1200 people conquer barriers, heal wounds and move forward in their return to housing.

Of those 1200, 21% were kids. 28% were those with disabilities and 24% were seniors.

This year we’re helping expand our success to the city of Burbank and West Hollywood and we need your help to make this transition effective.

Join us to bring individualized, custom care to LA’s most marginalized community. Visit our website and sign up for our email newsletter to stay connected with what’s happening or join us on social media. 

We’re Ascencia and we’re lifting people out of homelessness.