Taken from the Los Angeles Times 


Homeless people spend the night in the courtyard of the Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles on April 25. (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

This letter to the editor is in response to this editorial article.


To the editor: The state of California has been notoriously weak in homeless policy. Establishing a state of emergency and convening leadership would be a critical first step in reversing a decades-long trend of neglect that has had disastrous consequences in cities and rural areas throughout California.

Yet disappointingly, The Times opposes that measure. Although three-page Senate Resolution 84 does not even mention the use of reserve funds, that is where The Times focuses its misplaced objection.

The cause of homelessness can be summed up by the collection of excuses policymakers have been using for years to not do enough, be it in land use or funding for services and housing. This proposal is long overdue, and it deserves widespread support.

Natalie Profant Komuro, Glendale

The writer is executive director of the homeless services agency Ascencia.

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