A comedian converted a California homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant as an April Fools’ Day prank.

Greg Benson, who is known for his series of popular YouTube pranks, teamed up with for ‘Prank It FWD.’

‘You know for some people, just getting something to eat is a struggle,’ he says in the video uploaded to his YouTube channel. ‘So we came up with an idea to pull a really big surprise on about 50 homeless people.’

In the video, Benson and his team are seen converting Ascencia Homeless Shelter into an upscale restaurant.

One of the biggest challenges for the prank was converting the blank, white space in the shelter. Using green chairs that were already in the shelter as a starting point, the pranksters created a green-based design, including ivy decorations.

Jessie Brune, from OWN TV’s ‘Home Made Simple,’ even helped out with the challenge.

‘I’m excited that I get to put together this great menu, I’m excited that I get to cook with friends, I’m in!’ he says in the video.

The shelter residents were shocked seeing Benson as the maitre’d at ‘Cafe Ascencia’ and being directed to their seats.

They were served both a main course of filet mignon as well as dessert.

Towards the end of the meal, the shelter residents received gift bags from the jokesters which included everyday necessities and toiletries.

Benson later even presented the Ascencia executive director Natalie Komuro with a check for $5,000.

April 2, 2014

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