Since its beginnings in 2006, Ascencia has been helping to find proper housing for the homeless. One of the most monumental decisions made in order to achieve this goal was to bring the New York City-initiated 100,000 Homes Campaign to Glendale.

The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a nationwide effort to house 100,000 of the most vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals. As of June, Ascencia housed 68 chronically homeless people since they joined the campaign in May 2011. By achieving this, Glendale helped the 100,000 Homes Campaign reach its national four-year goal in housing those 100,000 of which 30,000 were veterans. As a result of the efforts of Ascencia, there are currently only five known homeless veterans in Glendale compared to higher numbers in the past.

On Aug. 22, Ascencia held a “Coming Home” celebration to honor those within the community whose support helped the organization achieve so much. The event was held at the Glendale City Council chambers where speeches were made and refreshments enjoyed. Ascencia Executive Director Natalie Profant Komuro kicked off the event by addressing the guests and detailing the accomplishments of the organization and community. Several special guests took the mic to say a few words of congratulations and to offer future support and applaud the organization. Some speakers and guests at the event included L.A. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, HUD Field Office Director Ray Brewer, Glendale Councilmember Laura Friedman, a representative from State Senator Carol Liu, and business leaders and others.     “[The celebration] really showed how much the community valued the city’s tremendous efforts,” said Ascencia Development Director Sarah Joung.

While Ascencia has gone above and beyond its original goals, there is more to do. The organization plans to continue helping to house the chronic homeless in the surrounding community and, ideally, hopes to reach a point where individuals need not have to wait for the help they require.

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September 4, 2014
Crescenta Valley Weekly
By Samantha Slayback

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