We have some great news! There’s a new Shake Shack in Glendale just minutes from the Ascencia office. Okay, so that’s not the only piece of great news. The brand new Glendale Shake Shack and you can now support Ascencia while enjoying a delicious dessert. That’s right! The Invictus features vanilla custard, chocolate chunks, caramel sauce, and a crumbled sugar cone cookie. And the most delicious part is that 5% of proceeds from the Invictus will support Ascencia. Hungry yet? Okay, so here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Visit the shiny, new Glendale Shake Shack.

The Glendale Shake Shack opened September 23rd at the corner of Brand and Colorado — directly across from The Americana shopping center.


Step 2: Step inside and glance at the menu of delicious items.

You’ll notice that there’s a dessert called Invictus, and underneath you will read that 5% of proceeds from the Invictus support Ascencia. Now pick out a delicious burger and fries to go along with it.


Step 3: Order your Invictus and wait patiently for it to be ready.


Step 4: Enjoy the delicious treat!


Step 5: Bring your friends and family.

img_2670The more people who know about the partnership between Ascencia and Shake Shack, the more Invictus desserts sold. The more Invictus desserts sold, the more proceeds supporting Ascencia. How simple!

The Grand Opening of the Glendale Shake Shake is September 23! Make sure to stop by and grab your Invictus to help support Ascencia’s goal to end homelessness in the greater Glendale area.

Thank you Shake Shack for caring about homelessness in the greater Glendale area!

We’ll see you at Shake Shack!