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  • I just read how you help the homeless to get off the street, I am impressed. My name is Timothy Fulp and I have been homeless in Sundland and here in Glendale for the last 4 years. I plan to come see you guys at ascenciaca first thing in the morning. See you there. Hopefully you will be able to help me get housing. Thank you,
    Timothy Fulp

  • Hi I just had a baby and have a family of 5 I am looking for emergency shelter… Do you have any openings?

  • Im going to be on the sts on the 5th i have a 2 yr old and a 5 day old new born what do i need in order to qualify at this shelter and how does it all work

  • Hello. Me and my family need help finding housing. We are homeless and its very difficult for us to find housing because I have an unlawful eviction on my record. It my wife, 11 year old daughter, and myself. I have a full time job and my wife works 12 hours a week. My number is 818-736-2421. My name is Jeffrey Ross. Can you please contact me asap. Thank you

  • My husband has moved from Alaska to CA, to find job and housing to move our family down. He has been there since February 2016 with no luck.
    He been staying with friends in Northern CA and now family in Anaheim but will be homeless June 1st. He has about 5 jobs but for some reason or another has not been able to keep them. He keeps telling me he won’t go to a shelter, bc he won’t get accepted. His issue is over stressing and over thinking negative things, to the point where it has caused him to have mental issues, (due to drugs last year) he needs help with, but in denial. As his family we see it. He is going threw some major self worth issues. I’m doing everything I can from where I’m at (Alaska) to help him. Could you please send me more info on ur program or maybe some links to others? Thank you Sally

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