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Every morning and evening, volunteers prepare and serve hot meals for homeless families and adults in our Emergency Housing program. These “Guest Chefs” give of their time and energy, generously donating food and doling out a great deal of compassion with each plate.

Thank you!

  We thank our Guest Chefs for their support.

Guest Chef

Guest Chef FAQs

In general, please anticipate at least 42 clients for the emergency shelter.

In preparing the dinner menu, we kindly request that Guest Chefs observe the following guidelines in order to best meet the needs of our most health-challenged shelter residents:

MEALS: please consider lower sodium meals.
o Main dishes of hearty soups, stews, pasta, chili, meatloaf, and chicken are greatly
o Guest Chefs have also enjoyed including side dishes of salad or other vegetables,
dinner rolls, potatoes or rice.

Though not necessary, some Guest Chefs enjoy serving dessert with dinner, and our shelter residents really appreciate the treat. In the interest of moderation however, we kindly request that Guest Chefs consider incorporating healthier dessert selections such as fresh fruit, jello, frozen yogurt or other treat alternatives to baked goods.


Ascencia’s 42-bed emergency shelter is located at 1851 Tyburn Street, Glendale, CA 91204.

Breakfast is served at 6AM. Guest Chef Teams can arrive one hour prior for prep. Breakfast is done at 7AM.

Dinner is served at 6PM nightly. Guest Chefs are welcome to come an hour before for prep. Dinner is done at 7PM.

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