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What is Ascencia?
Ascencia’s mission is to end homelessness in the greater Glendale area, one person, one family at a time. We provide street outreach, screening, assessment, case management, employment services, benefits and education advocacy, transportation assistance, substance abuse recovery services, psychiatric and counseling services, nutritional counseling, phone access, mail and voicemail services to homeless families and adults in the cities of Glendale, Burbank and the adjacent areas of the City of Los Angeles, including the communities of Atwater Village, Glassell Park and Los Feliz.

Does Ascencia Provide Housing?
Ascencia’s Access Center is the first point of entry for receiving (1) emergency shelter, (2) transitional housing, and (3) permanent supportive housing. At the Access Center, we provide specialized case management services, working closely with you to provide the best solution to your particular needs and circumstances. Please note that there is a waiting list for placement in our emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing but we will do everything we can to place you as quickly as possible. The Access Center will continue to provide services to you during this wait period.

The Access Center is located at 437 Fernando Court in Glendale (major cross streets are Los Feliz Road and San Fernando Road) and is open Monday – Wednesday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Access Center is closed the last Friday of every month.

Case managers conduct new client intakes Monday – Thursday starting at 7 a.m. (no appointments). Please be prepared to wait for your intake since case managers conduct intakes on a first come, first serve basis. No more than 4 intakes are conducted per day.
This gives us more time to connect you to referrals and shelter.

Why so early?
This gives us more time to connect you to referrals and shelter.

For questions or more information, please call the Access Center at (818) 246-7900.

What Should I Bring to My Intake?
In order to provide services, we need to document your homelessness or that you will soon be homeless. Please bring your homeless verification such as eviction notices or referrals to your intake. If you do not have verification, we can help you get the appropriate document. For questions or more information on homeless verification, please call the Access Center at (818) 246-7900.

Also, please bring birth certificates and social security numbers for you and your family members.

If available, please also bring your personal identification card or driver’s license, social security card, and employment or income statements.


Ascencia’s Emergency Shelter – Basic Information

Ascencia’s emergency shelter is located next to our Access Center, at 437 Fernando Court in Glendale. The shelter has 40 beds and is one of the few shelters in L.A. County that serves single fathers with children, families with teenagers and pregnant women regardless of their stage of pregnancy. Residents may stay at the shelter for up to 60 days.

What Are the Shelter Hours?
Residents in our emergency shelter arrive at 4:30 p.m., participate in chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry, and are able to take a hot shower and be served a nutritious meal. Residents are expected to leave for their daily activities by 7:30 a.m. unless an exception is granted.

Background and Drug Screening
Please note that prospective residents must pass a background screening for the safety of others and must also pass a drug screening at time of entry. Because Ascencia is Federally funded, we cannot accept medical marijuana cards in place of a clean drug screening. Clients are not required to become shelter residents in order to receive services from the Access Center.

Can I Bring My Pet?
Ascencia follows Americans with Disability Act laws relating to service animals. However, for pets that do not meet that standard, we would need to meet the owner and the pet. From there we will determine the best course of action. We know our pets are important parts of our lives, but because our programs serve many different people, we cannot always accommodate pets in our shelter.

Storage Space
This is VERY limited. There are two drawers beneath each twin-size bed in the shelter. In addition, a minimal amount of closet space is available. Please plan accordingly when deciding what to bring to the shelter.

Parking is available for residents Monday – Friday 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m and on weekends. Parking is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

For questions or more information, please call the Access Center at (818) 246-7900.


Ascencia’s Transitional Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing – Basic Information

Ascencia’s transitional housing program provides families with an opportunity to live in subsidized housing at one of 12 apartments throughout Glendale. Families may stay in the apartment for up to one year while they save up for permanent, stable housing.

We also offer permanent supportive housing in our Shelter Plus Care and Next Step programs which provide housing opportunities for chronically homeless, disabled adults and recovering addicts.

I Just Need Housing; Why Can’t I Get Housing?
To get housing you need the following: money for first month’s rent; proof of income to pay the rent in future months; a credit report or other documentation that you will be reliable in paying the rent. Most people who come to us cannot find a place that they can afford to rent.

I See a Lot About “Housing First” and “Rapid Re-Housing” – How Can You Help Those People?
Even though our goal is to move people to housing as quickly as possible, it is very rare that we can do so within a week, or even a month. This is because we need to have an available affordable housing unit, the client has to have funds to move in, and the client has to be well enough to move in. We can help some people more quickly than others because they qualify for our special programs for U.S. Veterans or for people who frequently use the hospital.

Why Does Ascencia Let People Drink in Some Programs and Not in Others?
We know that different methods work for different people. Our Next Step program requires sobriety. People in that program cannot be “sometime” users. So the best course for them is to stop completely. Other people are not able to stop completely or are not ready to try that, but leaving them on the street means they are more vulnerable to getting sick and being hospitalized. Getting those people into housing is better for their health and in the long run, with support, leads to better health habits. We do not permit drinking and drug use in our shelter because we have children there.

For questions or more information, please call the Access Center at (818) 246-7900.


Does Ascencia Need Volunteers?
Yes! Every year, volunteers of all ages provide hundreds of hours of support at Ascencia, from reading to the children and assisting with outreach to special events support and facility maintenance and much more. Volunteers in our “Guest Chef” program also prepare and serve breakfast and dinner at our emergency shelter. There are so many different ways to help and we have a sample listing of volunteer opportunities on our website. To learn more, please call Ascencia at (818) 246-7900.

Does Ascencia Take Donations?
Yes! There are several ways to give to the shelter and any level of giving is greatly appreciated. We have a “Wish List” on our website that includes our most needed items for the shelter and our clients such as diapers, personal hygiene products, packaged food and gift cards in small denominations for gas stations, grocery stores and big box stores. For more information about making an in-kind donation or organizing a donation “drive”, please call Ascencia at (818) 246-7900.

We are also grateful for financial contributions which support our programs and services. Please use the “Donate Now” button on our website or mail your donation to Ascencia, 437 Fernando Court, Glendale, CA 91204. We gratefully acknowledge each and every donation with a receipt and thank you letter. For questions or more information, please call Ascencia at (818) 246-7900.

I Want to Have a Fundraiser for Ascencia
If you would like to host or sponsor a fundraiser to benefit Ascencia’s programs and services, please call Ascencia at (818) 246-7900. We look forward to discussing your exciting ideas and how they can help support our mission.

I Saw Someone in a Parking Lot Asking for Donations for Ascencia
Ascencia does not, as a rule, fundraise on the streets. You can ask to see their solicitation permit, which would is required for that activity.

How Can I Stay Connected?
Join our email list to receive the latest information on Ascencia events, activities, volunteer opportunities and client success stories! We do not share your information with third parties.

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