On Tuesday May 28, with the help of Ascencia case manager Jess, shelter resident David and his new kitten moved into their new home. David had been a resident in our Winter Shelter program this past winter when he was first introduced to his Ascencia case manager Jess. Despite a difficult past history, David was able to build trust and respect with his case manager, a bond that would help keep him encouraged during the difficult months ahead.

David’s journey to homelessness
An abusive broken home will take its toll on any child, and David was no exception. Left to fend for himself following his placement in foster homes and group housing, David kept busy with construction jobs from Texas to Washington when he wasn’t incarcerated for petty crimes. He made a living working with his hands, which he has a gift for, but also because he is nearly illiterate. His passion for work and to be of service was evident on a daily basis as he continually volunteered to sweep or paint or mop at the shelter. Just about anything that needed a hand, he was offering to do!

At Ascencia, David was identified as a candidate for our Shelter Plus Care program which provides permanent supportive housing and ongoing case management for chronically homeless and disabled clients. Approximately 7 years ago David was riding his bicycle when a vehicle forced him out into traffic and he went head first into the back of a truck. He suffered a traumatic brain injury that affects him to this day. David’s brain injury affected every aspect of his life and it was only a matter of time before he had expended his cash payout from the case. His lawyer at the time put David up in a room while the case was being worked out… that was 7 years ago and that was the last time David had a safe place to stay before he found Ascencia.

DAvid and Hectic
David and Hectic

On the Road to Ending the Cycle of Homelessness
Case manager Jess submitted David’s housing application to the City of Glendale and during this period, Jess continued to offer case management and caring words of encouragement. After weeks of searching for housing and being turned down for various reasons, what helped David stay focused was his trust in Jess and that Ascencia was committed to helping him through this very difficult period. Even while nothing seemed to be working out, David continued to trust Jess to help him sort it out.

During his time at the shelter, David also fell in love… with a stray kitten he named Hectic! With housing and a source of income nearly secured, David decided that this stray kitten needed a caring pet parent to take care of him.

Finally, after many false starts and dashed hopes, David was approved for an apartment on Tuesday May 28. Ascencia helped him furnish his new home and today, he and Hectic are doing well. Of course, David still drops by the shelter to say hello, and what else? To offer help with anything around the shelter!

Congratulations David… and Hectic!


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  • I am so happy for David and so thankful he came to Ascencia. It is amazing how much of a difference a little love, guidance and a true sense of care can make on a person. Keep us updated on David and I am so proud of him! That kitty is pretty lucky too! Two homeless individuals loving each other as they regain all that they had lost on their path. Awesome story!

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