There are times when I have to put myself out there, to trust someone to help me.  It can be as simple as accepting a hand as I hold the hot coffee and balance the keys to open that back door to our administrative offices.

In this instance, D, one of our ever-helpful shelter residents, rushed over.  I handed him my keys and he proceeded to unlock the door for me.

It occurred to me as D turned the key and I showed him how to lock it again, that this person, once a stranger is now someone I trust.

I headed up the stairs and he went back to the dining room to get to work on some cleaning.  This is the same dining room that had been transformed into a “restaurant” for a widely-seen video that illustrated the power of grace and kindness.

D was not in the video, but he is no different than anyone there in it.  He deals with chronic health issues and tries hard to manage his symptoms.  And he most certainly wants to feel respected and belong.

In whatever grand schemes we have in mind for our clients, we have to begin with trust and respect.  Our clients place their trust in us to do what we can to help.  And we in turn trust they will consider this partnership a solid foothold in their journey forward.

-Natalie Profant Komuro, Executive Director

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