Government cutbacks are happening everywhere. The hits are swift and are wreaking havoc on smaller nonprofits that have come to depend on money from Uncle Sam. At Ascencia, sequestration, hardly a word that rolls off the tongue, is doing rougher things to our bottom line.

What happens to our 40-bed emergency shelter? What about the 200 people Ascencia helps every year with SAFE SHELTER, HOME-COOKED MEALS, BASIC SUSTENANCE? You’ll be shocked to know that recent cuts have put in jeopardy this very important program in our community.

Which community, you ask? Ascencia helps our homeless neighbors in Glendale, Burbank, the Hollywood district, our Northeast LA neighbors in Glassell Park, Highland Park, Eagle Rock and Atwater Village. Our reach is far and wide and there’s a chance that someone you know was cared for here.

We can’t let these cuts put our work on lockdown. We have important things to do! People to help! Lives to change! At a time when our homeless clients face the greatest uncertainty of their lives, we need to find a way.

We need…

The i-Team!

Join this elite team of committed individuals, all with the fighting spirit to help us keep our shelter running for all of the homeless men, women and children who need it!

How do you join? It’s easy… pledge a donation, and donate the same amount every month. Do it for a year and know that your commitment is making a real impact locally.

Here’s some easy math! If 100 of us pledge $10 every month this year, our shelter will be $12,000 closer to filling the $100,000 gap in funding to our shelter budget. It’s as easy as that!

The i-Team knows that everyone can make a difference if we all join in. You can make a difference. i can make a difference. Make a difference today! Join… The i-Team.


Simply put, we love it when a plan comes together!

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