This Friday December 21st is Homeless Memorial Day.

At 5:30pm in front of the National Guard Armory- home of the 80 bed Winter Shelter- amongst our friends and clients, we will be remember both our friends and strangers who died on the streets of Glendale in 2012.

People like our friend and long time client, Wilbur.

Burdened with a number of physical ailments, Wilbur passed away on Friday morning, November 23, at/ Glendale Adventist Hospital.

Wilbur was in many ways the dean of Ascencia’s Next Step program- a 12 unit permanent housing program dedicated for chronically homeless adults who are recovering substance abusers. He lived in what we call the ‘Chickasaw House’, a 6 bedroom home shared by program participants.

Though rough around the edges, anyone who got to know Wilbur quickly found how caring he could be. He cared a great deal about the house and Next Step program and demonstrated that caring in concern for the property and the people – pointing out, tirelessly, what needed to be done, fixed, and who needed to do it.

Happily ensconced in Chickasaw’s biggest bedroom, fitting for the mayor, he was the linchpin between the program and the participants, and not at all shy about telling staff and participants how to make the program better.

He was a good guy, a friend to his fellow program participants and a friend to us here in the Ascencia office – Wilbur, will be missed.

If you wish to join us this Friday in remembering the homeless men and women who passed away this year, please meet us in front of the National Guard Armory, 220 E. Colorado St. Glendale 91205 at 5:30pm. All are welcome.


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