Eviction NOTICE Little over a year ago, Mary and her family were living comfortably; she worked in development as a grant writer and could easily afford the rent and living expenses of raising three teenagers along with her partner Rubin. Like most people, Mary never had a reason to think homelessness could happen to her family. She had never known homelessness herself, though she had often worked with nonprofits and helped homeless families move up in their lives.

One day in February 2010 Mary went to work only to discover that the agency was gone- the owners had taken all of the furniture in the middle of the night and disappeared. Mary was left without an income and the family’s savings were soon exhausted, leaving them homeless.

PATH Achieve Glendale quickly enrolled this family into our Rapid Rehousing program; a subsidized housing program that allows families to pay a small percentage of rent for up to 15 months while the family gets back on their feet. Along with a portion of the rent, the program also requires that the family pay the full $1200.00 security deposit. However, because they had not yet found work, Mary and Rubin were unable to pay the deposit. A local landlord who works frequently with our housing case managers and who has shown great support for struggling families, allowed Mary and her family to move into the apartment with a written agreement that within 90 days they would pay the security deposit in full.

Though actively searching for work, because of the bad economy, Mary and Rubin have not yet been able to find employment and the family of 5 has been living off of $645 a month and $348 in food stamps. Even without employment, Mary has been able to keep up with her portion of the rent and utilities, but beyond that, there has been so little money left that she has only been able to pay $600.00 of the $1200.00 security deposit. The landlord has notified the family and PATH Achieve that she can no longer wait for the money and must receive the remaining $600.00 by the end of March or the family will have to leave the apartment immediatly.

We like to pride ourselves on having funding for clients in need. Our ‘Client Assistance Tools’ enable us to help with client medications, move-in costs, and work-related expenses, like training or uniforms. But funds are running low and we now have a situation in which we need your help. Mary and this wonderful family cannot continue to stay in their apartment unless we are able to raise the remaining $600 security deposit.

Please help us keep a formerly homeless family in housing. Any amount helps. You can donate by using our secure donation page you can find here.

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