Happy Mother’s Day …..

To all the moms in our Ascencia Family,

To the moms everywhere who are struggling to shelter, feed and diaper their children,

To the moms who are blessed enough to give back and help other moms,

We are thinking of you with love and wish you a beautiful day.


Suffering through homelessness with children is one of the hardest things some moms go through, so we’re hoping today is extra special for moms like *Mary.

Mary and her four kids were thrown out of their apartment and forced to live in their car.

After school one afternoon, they arrived home to find everything they owned outside on the sidewalk. The landlord had kicked them out and changed the locks to the door, to their home.

It was illegal for the landlord to throw Mary and the kids out of their home that way; but with little money, the pressure to find work and take care of the kids, Mary didn’t have the resources or time to fight the illegal eviction.

So they moved into their car- a beat up old Cadillac. Two teenagers, two pre-teens, a service dog and Mary; in a car that seats five. They had nowhere else to live, so they made sacrifices and made it work. The kids learned to do their homework in the park or in the car and shower at park sinks.

Like most homeless moms, Mary made sacrifices for her children that most of us never have to consider; during the school year Mary slept in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk next to the car, so that the kids could get a good nights rest.

After four months of living in their car, Mary found Ascencia and the family was able to move into the emergency shelter and then into a transitional housing program, where they are spending their Mother’s Day.

You can help support Moms like Mary by making a donation today.

(Donations can be made in honor of your mother, too!)

Happy Mothers Day.

*As Mary and her kids are still working to get out of homelessness, all names have been changed.

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