Father & Son in their apartment
Our happy father-son duo will spend this Father’s Day together in their new home.

June 19th is Father’s Day.

Imagine that you are the father of a young boy. He’s about two and you see he is not thriving; his mother’s addiction has proven to be too much. The choice is to keep your job or save the child. Of course, he is your son. So you quit your job to take care of him. But this is during a recession and soon the second job is no longer there. And then the rent…and before you know it, you need a place to stay.

Well, this is Los Angeles, there are shelters, aren’t there? Yes, but not for you.

For twenty years, families with children have been called the “fastest growing” homeless population. Within that, single mothers form the largest constituency. Over the years many programs have cropped up to serve homeless families, primarily targeting homeless mothers with children.

PATH Achieve Glendale is pleased to be one of the few shelters in Los Angeles County that opens its doors to single fathers with children. We have been touched by the resilience of these fathers and their hopes for their children. We do our best to match their commitment to rebuilding their lives and creating a new home for their family.

Happy Father’s Day.

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