2013 has become a year of fashion for Ascencia! We were on the catwalk at the Glendale Galleria, beneficiary of this week’s Gala at Nordstrom and the upcoming opening at Marshall’s on Brand, as well as Rob Kardashian socks from Bloomingdale’s!

Fashion at its best is fun and creative, values we certainly share. And we are deeply indebted to all for their financial and in-kind support. But to be selected by respected corporations to affiliate with their brand means so much more.

For example, Nordstrom, renowned for its attention to customer service, sets a standard in retail that competitors strive to reach. It is that attention to the needs and wants of its customers that aligns so beautifully with Ascencia. If Nordstrom sales personnel cannot make that connection, they don’t make the sale. If we can’t make the connection, we can’t help change a life. We must put our clients at the center of our work, understand their needs and frame their options in such a way that they can take the steps they need to turn their situation around.

Business has its bottom linNordstrom Grand Opening Galae, and we have ours. And though our missions and purposes may be radically different, there are practices that we can learn from business.

What I loved learning about Nordstrom is that they have only one rule: “Use your best judgment.”

Isn’t that fantastic? It means management must trust the employees. It means we had better hire people we can trust. And it sets the stage for a culture of autonomy and responsibility that is the centerpiece of any well-run organization.

We are deeply grateful to Nordstrom for supporting Ascencia with proceeds from their Gala. It was a beautiful event to launch a beautiful store. Click here to check out the pictures from the AMAZING Nordstrom gala!


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