RegistryIn an effort to end chronic homelessness in Glendale, PATH Achieve Glendale and the City of Glendale have joined Common Ground’s 100,000 Homes Campaign. 100,000 Homes is a national grassroots effort to find and place the most vulnerable, long-term homeless individuals into 100,000 homes by July 2013.

100,000 Homes Campaign in Glendale

The City of Glendale, PATH Achieve and a growing list of partners, are planning a Registry Week to find and identify persons who are homeless in Glendale. The goal of the Glendale Registry Week is to create a by-name registry of people living on our streets; allowing us to prioritize those who have been out there the longest and who are the most vulnerable. What we learn together during this week will help us reduce chronic homelessness in Glendale and will help assure we are targeting our efforts in ways that are life saving for the most vulnerable homeless.

Glendale Registry Week May 1-6th!

From May 1-5th volunteers will find and survey people living on the streets of Glendale. Surveys will be compiled into a database after everyday when teams return from surveying. On Friday May 6th in the Council Chambers at City Hall, the survey findings will be presented to the community. Please sign up to volunteer, or RSVP for the Community Debriefing here.

Join the Campaign- find out HOW YOU CAN HELP!

Volunteers and participants needed! Sign Up Here! LearnMore Here! The campaign is recruiting dedicated volunteers to canvass Glendale’s streets and survey the city’s most vulnerable homeless people. To ensure the most accurate count possible, we will survey individuals during the early morning hours for three consecutive days. Other volunteer and participation opportunities are available. Please visit to sign up, or see for more information about volunteering.


Sponsorship funds will be used to cover any Registry Week costs that cannot be secured through donation. The remaining, and bulk, of the sponsorship funds will be put into a HOUSING FUND to benefit the placement and housing of Glendale’s most vulnerable homeless. When housing is secured for homeless individuals in Glendale the HOUSING FUND will cover move in costs which may include security and utility deposits.

Glendale Registry Week Sponsors!

Major Donors: ♦ Glendale Management Association and ♦ First United Methodist Church of Glendale

We can’t end chronic homelessness in Glendale without your support!
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