Today we celebrate our fathers who have nurtured us, guided us and given us the love we needed to become fulfilled adults.  For some of us, this is a complicated relationship and Father’s Day can bring mixed emotions.  If this is true for you, we hope you will find peace with those disappointments.

During these difficult economic times, we know that fathers across the country face tremendous challenges.  Last fall, a father in our program shared his own struggle during a terrible crisis – the first night he moved his wife, two young daughters, one a 3 week old baby, and teenage son into the family car.

He shares, “There is no space in this situation, no hope.  Everything is condensed in the moment you look into your kids’ eyes and know you have no home for them.”  While Rene went on to say that he found in a miracle in getting help from us, we find inspiration in Rene and his family’s love and commitment to rebuild their lives together.

For homeless fathers everywhere, we wish you success and new beginnings.

Happy Father’s Day.

You can hear Rene’s story here:

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