Dear Friends of PATH Achieve:
You have been there for us so often in the past that I hesitate to ask, but we find ourselves in an unusual situation and really need your help. We presently have 4 single women, a single man with a Service Dog and a family of five that will be moving into apartments this month!

One of the women is going through chemotherapy as we speak and is scheduled for cancer surgery on the 18 of this month. We have found an apartment for her but she has nothing to put in it and is so hopeful to be settled in before her upcoming surgery.

A young woman who just found out she is having twins is also moving out of our shelter and into an apartment! She too has nothing and her goal, and ours for her, is to be settled into her apartment before the babies arrive.

Another is a 78 year old woman who has been in the shelter several months while looking for low income senior housing. Moving into her new home today, she too is starting all over again with nothing.

The fourth woman has been living on the streets for the past 10 years or so and Pretty soon she will have her very own little one bedroom apartment.

Lastly, the family of 5 that I mentioned. A mother and her four children, who were living in their car at a park, have been from shelter to shelter, and are scheduled to move into our Transitional Housing program as soon as there is an opening (approximately 10 days).

Each and every one of the people mentioned has been through so much, and I would be so grateful if, with your help, we could have at least a few furniture items, etc. to help them as they start their new life.

Taking into consideration the furniture items that I have now in storage, we are in immediate need of the following:
• 4 couches and/or love seats (standard sizes, not large)
• 4 coffee tables
• mattresses, twin or full
• 5 dressers
• End tables (for living room and/or bedrooms)
• Lamps, lamps, lamps – any shape or size. ( I find that so many folks live in the dark )
• Kitchen supplies including dishes, silverware, pots and pans, kitchen towels, cleaning supplies, etc.
• TVs
• Bath towels
• Sheets and blankets and pillows

Lastly, we are also looking for a furniture moving service that would be willing to help us at a reduced rate. If you know of anyone at all, let us know because we would love to contact them!!! Until we find that moving service, anything that you could deliver to us yourself would be greatly appreciated!

I make every effort to have furniture donations in storage to help individuals and families as they start their new lives but I cannot possibly accommodate all five of these

If you can help, please contact Alayna Hyde at or (818) 568-6219.

Thank you again and again for helping us help so many!!! I have no words to tell you how much your big hearts and generosity mean to us!!
– Nancy Freidson, Transitional Housing Program Manager and “Donation Lady”


  • Hello.

    I do not have furniture to offer you, but I do have an idea to share with you if I may. I work security at a large apartment complex and I see people setting furniture on the side of garbage bins on a daily basis – no exaggeration. As of yesterday, one garbage bin has 4 couches, 2 mattresses, a desk, an entertainment center, a dresser, a TV and a computer monitor!

    Years back when I had a home, I would collect these items and either sell them as-is, or improve them and sell them for profit. Easy way to make a quick buck.

    But for your situations, I would recommend, if you have a pickup truck available, to go out and find furniture on the side of the road, which is ever so available here in southern California on small streets and busy streets alike. I understand this isn’t the sexiest way to get furniture, but if you have a truck, this is a great and free option in my opinion.

    Would this be a possibility for your shelter and soon-to-be-housed friends?

  • Hi Mooch,
    It’s a great idea, and we definitely encourage our housed clients to keep an eye out for stuff like that. We also like to check certain sites online for anything free :). As an agency, though, driving around town in search of furniture isn’t always feasible or very practical. With so many clients to visit, run errands with, case manage, etc., our Outreach team and case managers just don’t have the time.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though! Its a great reminder to our clients to keep a look out.

    – Christina
    PATH Achieve Glendale

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