At just 31 years old, Adam had been homeless in Glendale for the last 9 years.

Just this week Adam moved into a wonderful one bedroom apartment with his companion, Zeus! Yesterday, Adam, Zeus and few of our case managers loaded up the truck and furnished Adam’s new home.

Though Adam has been continually receiving services at PATH Achieve for some time, I first met him during Winter Shelter when the Glendale Armory was open to homeless people as means of refuge from the cold. He and Zeus would visit almost every night, just long enough to grab a plate of food. We’d often catch the two of them sharing the meal outside the Armory doors before heading off for the night.

Adam had stayed in the cold weather shelter during previous years, but this time with Zeus, thought it better to stay with his friend and companion despite the cold.

Before Zeus, Adam was distant and uninterested in many of the services we have to offer; now with Zeus by his side, he has been open to services since last May when Registry teams found the duo sleeping behind a restaurant off of Brand Blvd.

Today, Adam and Zeus could not be happier in their apartment and we could not be more excited! Many thanks to the City of Glendale and Registry Week volunteers who helped us help Adam.

See pictures of Adam and Zeus moving in on our Facebook page!

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