At Ascencia we are having an amazing summer. Just as we were counting our blessings, two more amazing things happened when our “visiting” Guest Chefs came to serve dinner in the shelter.

The guest chef team was from Oakmont Country Club.

Oakmont Aug 2012

 I guess anyone can overuse the word amazing, but I am going to take a chance and use it again. This night was amazing! First, our chefs set the stage by adorning the serving tables with white table covers, then presenting a colorful, crispy salad to start. Soon the main entrée(s) were revealed. Breast of chicken basking in a mildly spiced brown gravy, a magnificent lasagna that royalty would feast on and the wonderful aroma of hot out of the oven garlic bread.

The dining room had taken on a delightful ambiance; the only thing missing was candlelight.

Our guest chefs enjoyed the meal alongside our residents. I could hear conversations coming from all corners. I said two amazing things, right? Well, one such conversation lead to an opportunity for one of our clients, Felix, to interview for a job as “server” at the country club. What a night!

Drum roll please… As our guest chefs are preparing to leave, I was standing in the kitchen when suddenly I hear the swell of thundering applause coming from the dining area – the clients were saying “thank you!”

At Ascencia, we are fortunate to have wonderful friends who come to be of service to those who are facing hard times. We salute our friends from Oakmont Country Club for their kindness in giving.

Elizabeth Tismeer
Volunteer Coordinator

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