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Ascencia provides a range of housing and programs to assist people out of homelessness. It all starts with our Access Center – the first stop for getting help in Glendale, Burbank and Northeast Los Angeles (Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, Glassell Park, etc.).

Access Center

The Access Center is a located at 1851 Tyburn Street in Glendale. It is open for intake for new clients at 7 a.m., Monday through Thursday. It is best to get there as early as possible. In order to give each client our utmost attention, we conduct 2-4 intake interviews per day.

For more information about the intake process or how to use the Access Center services, please visit How to Get Help or call the Access Center at (818) 246-7900. Please come prepared. In order to provide services, we need to document your homelessness or that you will soon be homeless. It will help if you have identification, but if not, we can help you get that.  Be prepared to spend some time waiting if we have a lot of clients.

Ascencia also operates the following residential programs. All clients in the Emergency Housing Program and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs must be Access Center clients.

Emergency Housing

Ascencia currently operates two emergency housing programs. Clients work with case managers in our Access Center in order to receive safe, supportive shelter for families and adults.


Forty emergency shelter beds are located onsite and are available to eligible families with children and adults for up to 60-90 days. To be considered eligible, clients must be actively working with a case manager from Ascencia’s Access Center, pass a drug test, commit to saving/working to increase income and commit to respecting other guests and staff.  There are no age limits or other restrictions.

This program is not a drop-in shelter. There is usually a wait of at least a few days for a bed to become available. Priority is given to Glendale residents.

Winter Shelter

       Stay tuned for Ascencia’s winter shelter operational hours and location.  This service is dedicated to single adults in the Northeast Los Angeles area.        Homeless adults can walk in off the streets and receive a safe, clean bed, a hot shower, and warm meals.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Housing linked with continued services helps formerly homeless people keep their housing. Ascencia both operates its own supportive housing programs and refers clients to other providers. There is no time limit for this program, but clients frequently move out as their financial position improves. All program participants are expected to be responsible tenants.

Next Step Program

This 8-unit program serves formerly chronically homeless adults who have completed an addiction recovery program. The program uses a 12-step approach to support recovery. Residents must commit to sobriety. Next Step clients have monthly meetings and regularly meet with their case manager to ensure they are doing well in the recovery. Most clients in this program have employment or are seeking employment.

Scattered Sites Program

Ascencia provides formerly chronically homeless families and individuals with subsidized housing as well as supportive services through case management.  Program participants and their case managers collaborate on developing a financial management plan, obtaining employment, and successfully maintaining their housing.

Shelter Plus Care Program

Ascencia provides case management support to formerly chronically homeless families and individuals.  For some clients in this program, Ascencia uses a harm reduction approach, not requiring clients to be sober when entering the program.

U.S. Veterans Services

Ascencia works with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, through the HUD-VASH program, to move U.S. Veterans and their families into permanent housing.

Street Outreach

We go directly to the homeless to provide help. Outreach operates 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you see someone who needs help in the greater Glendale area, please call Ascencia’s Access Center at (818) 246-7900 and we will send an outreach case manager to the location.

The 10th Decile Project

Ascencia has a special program for chronically homeless people who frequently use local hospitals.  Identified as the costliest 10% of the homeless population, this project moves chronically ill clients into permanent housing and works to establish a medical home so that the client can stabilize and improve his health. Clients for this project are identified by Ascencia’s outreach team or referred by local hospitals.

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