GLENDALE ( — Comedian Greg Benson, the man behind the popular “Cellphone Crashing” videos on YouTube, helped to transform a Glendale homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant for April Fools’ Day. Benson, along with a production team, Chef Jesse Brune, professional servers and a string quartet, surprised the unsuspecting residents of Ascencia with a three-course meal, which included […]

By ZOE SZATHMARY A comedian converted a California homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant as an April Fools’ Day prank. Greg Benson, who is known for his series of popular YouTube pranks, teamed up with for ‘Prank It FWD.’ ‘You know for some people, just getting something to eat is a struggle,’ he says in […]

By Ralphie Aversa A comedian famous on YouTube for crashing cellphone calls is now paying, or rather, pranking it forward. The beneficiaries are about 50 homeless people who received a three-course dinner with all of the fixings. We spoke with Greg Benson last week regarding his latest prank, a cellphone skit. In the video, he stands […]

By Amy Hubbard Just in time for April Fools’ Day, a new video shows how a Glendale shelter, with the help of a TV chef and others, pulled the wool over the eyes of the homeless. Their surprise was a filet mignon dinner in a fancy restaurant setting. “Feeding the Homeless — Prank It FWD” is […]

By Bianca Barragan April Fools Day 101: Trick someone into believing that something impossible has happened, laugh with or at them when they discover their mistake. An internet-famous do-gooder and a chef who has a show on Oprah’s OWN Network have flipped the script a bit in their lovely punking at Glendale homeless shelter Ascencia (most […]

By  Sarah Barness Normally prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films is out getting the best of unsuspecting victims of his silly antics, but this day he did something different with his pranking power. Watch him join forces with’s “Prank it Fwd” campaign to turn the Ascencia homeless shelter in Glendale, Calif., into a five-star restaurant. The “Prank it […]

By Gabrielle Bluestone A prank on the homeless sounds like a setup for something awful, but it turns out to be pretty sweet. In a surprising turn, comedian Greg Benson shelved his cell phone crashing antics and teamed up with chef Jesse Brune to prank the homeless—by turning a shelter into a five-star restaurant. Benson acted as the […]


Every month Ascencia welcomes over 300 volunteers to the shelter!  Despite obstacles from everyday life such as work deadlines, kids’ soccer practices and crazy rush-hour traffic, our dedicated volunteers such as School on Wheels and Free Arts for Abused Children arrive at the shelter in time to help our shelter children with homework or lift […]